The Arts & Wellness Experience

The Loire Valley

Summer 2020

Dates to be determined soon…

Join us in this creative journey to discover your hidden talents and develop skills which will transform your life. 

AWE has been developed to help people realize their innate creativity and to experience their talents. Our instructors cater to the "non" artist and artists alike. Most people feel like they have it in them, but they just don’t know how to take that first step. Let us guide you through those first steps.

Connect with your inner passion and develop your creative abilities in an idyllic setting in the Loire Valley, France. Immerse yourself in a supportive community which offers you unparalleled opportunities to pursue interests in the arts, French cuisine, and wellness surrounded by tranquillity and beauty. Led by highly qualified, inspirational instructors, the Arts & Wellness Experience (AWE) offers an intensive 10-day program in a wide range of subjects which challenges you to build on your creative experience and/or discover untapped talent hidden within you. 











Art Instruction

You will be guided daily through your own individual and group art instruction while having the opportunity to work in the following mediums:

  • Oil, Acrylic, & Watercolor Painting

  • Drawing, Pastel, Chalk, etc.

In addition to creating Art, there will be a variety of other offerings for you and/or your partner to partake in as you balance your creative side with the beauty, culture, excitement, and relaxation that only France can provide. Different activities will be offered daily and you will have the option to jump in or pass and spend some time walking the countryside or relaxing by the pool.

Daily Activities

  • Variety of Art options

  • Yoga

  • Tai Chi

  • Cooking classes with our guest chef

  • Antiquing with our resident antique expert

  • Vineyard tour

  • Wine tasting

  • Medieval city excursions

  • Museum visits


Once you arrive it will be difficult to pull yourself away from our breathtaking Manor in France However, local explorations and excursions are a integral part of this 10 day experience to immerse yourself in the culture of the Loire Valley. Listed are a just a few planned excursions we will experience:

Château du Lude


Château du Lude is the most northerly château of the Loire Valley and one of the last important historic castles in France, still inhabited by the same family for the last 260 years. The château is testimony to four centuries of French architecture, as a stronghold transformed into an elegant house during the Renaissance and the 18th century. The monument is located in the valley of le Loir. Its gardens have evolved throughout the centuries. It is a harmonious combination of French design and an English-style landscape, with a rose garden, topiary, a labyrinth and a botanical walk.

L'Épau Abbey


L'Épau Abbey was founded in 1229 by the English queen Berengaria of Navarre, widow of Richard the Lion Heart. It is one of the most beautiful Cistercian works in France. It was acquired by the Sarthe Department in 1959. The abbey was suppressed in the French Revolution. The surviving buildings came close to destruction on several occasions, but their preservation was finally assured in 1958 by the General Council of the department.

24 Hour Le Mans Museum & Circuit


24 Hour Le Mans is the world's oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, held annually since 1923. It is considered one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world and has been called the "Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency". The event represents one leg of the Triple Crown of Motorsport; other events being the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix. Though the race is in June, we will be able to tour the museum and the circuit to gather the essence of this exciting event and it’s history.

La Nuit des Chimères


Throughout the summer holiday the buildings and monuments in the fortified Plantagenet town of Le Mans are transformed into a giant projection screen.  The Nuit des Chimères the city wall is at various turns a mask and dragon spectacular, a bestiary, and a Greco-Roman Sports arena.

  • Angels and Demons give a celestial concert on the cathedral walls

  • Queen Bérengère, wife of Richard the Lionheart, haunts the courtyard of her museum

  • The Plantagenets serve a banquet outside the conservatory

  • and between each site, gargoyles and fantasy figures guide spectators around the old town


Designed for adults of all abilities, AWE is offering the Arts & Wellness Experience in France for it’s second year. The goal of the program is to provide a life transforming experience which brings out the best in the participants by developing skills which can be built on forever. The key to the success of the program is to slow down and approach the opportunities with an open mind and an open heart. By eliminating stressful distractions and focusing on the positivity of the moment, participants allow their inner strengths to emerge and help them to find a healthy balance in life. We believe the creative process, which is inherent in everyone since childhood, is a valuable asset in achieving success.

Imagine waking to the sound of bees buzzing and the perfume of lavender in France’s most enchanted region. The Loire Valley.

The luxury Manor that you will be residing at is located in the countryside of world famous Le Mans, France. Le Mans is a short 55 minute train ride from Paris and the Manor is a 10 minute drive from the train station where you will be greeted by your AWE team.

The region was once of immense strategic importance. Kings, queens, dukes and nobles came here to establish feudal castles and, later on, sumptuous pleasure palaces – that's why this fertile river valley is sprinkled with hundreds of France's most opulent aristocratic estates. With crenellated towers, soaring cupolas and glittering banquet halls, the region's châteaux, and the villages and vineyards that surround them, attest to over a thousand years of rich architectural and artistic creativity. The Loire Valley is also known for its outstanding wines (red, white, rosé and sparkling) and lively, sophisticated cities, including Le Mans. The rolling countryside and fertile farmland is ideal for making cheeses, growing pears and harvesting grapes for Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé which provides a perfect backdrop for castles, quaint villages and general pastoral bliss. It's a fairy tale come to life.